A Survivor Music Video Youtube Playlist – Add Your Favorite Songs!

Music heals your mind and heart RIGHT AWAY. It doesn’t take long to come out of a funk when you’ve got the right sounds flowing through your body. Here’s my Survivor playlist – my go-to songs for feeling good no matter what memory of abuse threatens my sanity.

Share Your Stories of Abuse Thru Writing, Art, Music & More

It isn’t 1950 anymore. We can make it our business when we hear screams, see fake smiles or sense something wrong with another family. It is our responsibility to safely offer help to men, women and children who we suspect suffer abuse.

Stories of Abuse in Video, Music & Audio

These stories of abuse come from survivors in video, music and other types of audio-visual presentations. Come see and hear what abuse survivors have to say!

The Day It Started

Red Door Productions introduces #TheDayItStarted as a prompt for abuse victims to tell about their earliest memory of domestic abuse.

Face Forward Restores Faces Maimed by Domestic Violence

“Face Forward works with community leaders around the nation to identify victims of violence who are legitimately working toward recovery and who carry the physical evidence of past abuse,” namely, the kind of abuse you see in the mirror, every day, that reminds you of your abusive past.

Living in an Abusive Relationship Described by Domestic Abuse Victim

Living with abuse is horrible. I wish I could go back to the days when I thought I was a bad person or mentally ill. At least then I only had to fix myself.

Police Report May Do You No Good

Domestic violence and abuse gets complicated FAST. It seems abusers know all the tricks and many states have started arresting both people no matter who reports the incident. No matter what, if you are a victim, you should call the police, but think twice if you physically attacked first.

What’s It Like to Live Life Without Abuse?

Video recorded for HealthyPlace.com and Verbal Abuse In Relationships Blog Transcript Hi! This is Kellie Jo Holly. I write the Verbal Abuse In Relationships blog over at healthyplace.com. I’ve been out of my abusive relationship for about two years. It hasn’t been a cake walk, I won’t lie. The beginning was pretty difficult. But here […]

Verbal Abuse of Teen

The teenager tells his dad that she’s like this even when he does everything she asks. I get the feeling that the father isn’t new to this abuse himself. He makes excuses for his wife, he gets slightly angry with his son when he says, “You don’t treat your kids like this!”, and begs his son to lend him the money instead of lending it to the step-mom. The teenager does it because his dad asks his to. But when he gives the money to his father, I want to cry.

Effects of Verbal Abuse Video

The Effects of Verbal Abuse & Emotional Fatigue [a couple minutes of needless video clipped here.] And when I did check my email yesterday, I found an email from a friend of mine who is kind of in the same situation. I’ve never met her, you all know how that goes online, and I won’t, of […]