Share Your Stories of Abuse Thru Writing, Art, Music & More

It isn’t 1950 anymore. We can make it our business when we hear screams, see fake smiles or sense something wrong with another family. It is our responsibility to safely offer help to men, women and children who we suspect suffer abuse.

Abuse Quotes From Survivors

Most of the quotes I’ve collected come from women. However, I believe that the reason I have more abuse quotes from women is because women reach out for help more often. Women seem more likely to share their stories. Perhaps we’re simply wired that way, or maybe society doesn’t want to believe a man could suffer domestic abuse from anyone, male or female.

Interview: How I Got Out of My Abusive Marriage

Abuse Affects the Wise

Does it help to know that abuse issues don’t only affect abuse survivors? Wise people the world over seem to share our doubts, inhibitions, questions and desires to “make sure it’s going to work before doing anything” feelings. It takes a lot of momentum to propel a wise person into action. Think of Buddah…did you […]

Why do Abusers Abuse? What Makes Someone Abusive?

Abusers are cunning and smart, masters at planning, persuasion, and execution. Their intelligence minus the ability to feel makes them dangerous.

First Steps For Domestic Abuse Victims – Domestic Violence Help

Domestic violence help often includes the question, “So, when are you leaving?” I don’t know about you, but the pressure of “leaving” almost made me give up and pretend my husband didn’t abuse me. At first, you may have no clue how you could possibly leave. It’s okay. You don’t have to walk out the […]

Domestic Abuse PSA

Monakey Pictures just released a new domestic abuse PSA. This powerful short film features a poem written by the sister of a domestic abuse victim. The message is powerful. Tosh Kiiji (find him on facebook here) will add more PSAs like this one as the funds roll in. On the youtube page, there is a […]

I Thought He Loved Me

Her mouth is half-blocked like her voice is slipping away, she’s sacrificing herself on a cross, there are vortexes sucking the little woman away, watery graves, naked and unprotected caught in a silent scream … I drew this image and still didn’t consciously realize I was stepping into an abusive relationship.


Verbal abuse happens out of no where. It’s as if he waits for me to settle down, calm down, relax a little…and then BANG! There it is. ~April 28, 2009

Things Abusers Say and Do to Gain Power Over You

Things abusers say and do are designed to control you. Whether abusers say and do these things knowingly or unconsciously, the result is the same: you feel lower than dirt, or become afraid and intimidated. In your weakened state, your abuser finds it much easier to gain power over you.