Shop to Stop Domestic Violence and Abuse In Your Life

Welcome to the Shop to Stop Domestic Violence and Abuse. The Shop makes life a little easier because we’ve done the searching for you! Check out the Shop to Stop Domestic Violence and Abuse – just click on the links that interest you.

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Why Should I Visit the Shop to Stop Domestic Violence and Abuse?

First of all, visiting the Shop to Stop Domestic Violence and Abuse helps you choose the best products out there. We’ve narrowed down the focus so it’s harder to get distracted by household needs and pretty things on the Amazon site. I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone to Amazon to get one thing, but ended up with too many items in my cart. I get frustrated and don’t buy any of it. If you need help stopping or healing from domestic violence and abuse, you need your focus sharp. (You can access other Amazon products, but shopping here takes some of the distraction away.)

Secondly, the Amazon shop here on the site lets you quickly see what products our staff recommends. The entire staff here at escaped from abusive relationships. That means we have a really great idea about what can help you. Our shop makes it easy for you to find products relevant to dealing with and recovering from domestic violence and abuse. You may find something you didn’t even consider before!

Third of all, any purchase you make through this store helps fund this website. When you click the links on this page, receives a percentage of your completed Amazon sale. See our Privacy Policy for how affiliate linking affects you (hint: it doesn’t). The money earned goes toward this site’s online costs like design, hosting or our mentoring service.

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