Hypnosis for Abuse Victims: Stop PTSD Auditory Flashbacks

This hypnosis for abuse victims helps to remove repetitive abusive memories from your mind. Get back to thinking your own thoughts. Download it free.Erin Chavez developed a hypnosis for abuse victims that profoundly reduces auditory flashbacks, whether you have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or not. If you suffer from re-hearing your abuser’s voice in your head – during or after you’ve left the abusive relationship – then this free hypnosis for abuse victims will help you.

Depression can cause you to obsess over what you and/or your abuser said or did during your abusive relationship. Anxiety disorders, such as PTSD, can cause intrusive memories and flashbacks of what you experienced during the trauma of abuse. Adding to those problems, the effects of brainwashing and crazy-making die slowly, and may not go away at all without professional help. However, the hypnosis for abuse victims can help you release the pain of emotional and verbal abuse by putting you back in control of your mind.

What Will the Hypnosis for Abuse Victims Help You Accomplish?

The hypnosis, designed for abuse victims, will help you to consciously (and subconsciously) put your abuser in his or her place. The abuser’s place is as an integrated memory – not the forefront of your mind, not a repetitive loop of hateful words that you can’t stop thinking, and not as a sudden flashback that repeatedly takes you back to the drama of abuse.

The hypnosis for abuse victims will help you to:

  • regain control of what you think about and when you think about it.
  • shrink your abuser’s voice down to nothing of importance.
  • detach from the abuse (so you can remember it without feeling the pain).
  • discover that your abuser’s accusations didn’t ever make sense.
  • lead you to know, in your heart and mind, that your abuser’s words are irrelevant (and always were).
  • regain trust in your own perception.

Hypnosis for Abuse Victims Is Below

Listen to the hypnosis to remove the repetitive thoughts that preoccupy your mind and detach from domestic abuse. We have the power to remove abuse from our lives. This hypnosis provides an ideal beginning to ending abuse.

*Important: Plug in your headphones or turn the volume down on your computer before clicking the access link. The hypnosis for abuse victims begins playing immediately.

Download Hypnosis to Detach from Abuse

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