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Healthyplace.com hired me as their Verbal Abuse in Relationships blogger in January of 2011. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time with them. I hope you find value in the posts on the blog.

abusive relationshipThe Abusive Relationship and Its Fairy-Tale Beginning – The abusive relationship begins like many others. Two people meet, make a connection, and fall in love. Their love seems beautiful to family and friends…except for one or two things that seem, well, odd…but every relationship has problems. Right? After all, there are no fairy-tales in the real world.


Open Up About Domestic Abuse…Please – I will never say that I am grateful for having experienced abuse. I do not believe that abuse made me stronger, smarter, or braver. I did not “need” to go through the soul-threatening experience of an abusive marriage to become who I am today. If I could do it all over again with what I know now, I would have left him after our second child was born.


Top Ten Posts for 2012 – Counting down to 2013 means different things to different people, but I thought I’d take time out to share Verbal Abuse In Relationships greatest hits in 2012. Thank you for all of your encouragement and support throughout this year! I look forward to meeting more of you in the next 365 days


Holidays With Abusers Suck – Has your co-worker or loved one ever given you a beautiful gift, but then acted offended that you didn’t appreciate it enough, claimed that you were lying about how much you liked it, snatched it back saying you didn’t deserve it at all, or any other action that changed your happiness into some other feeling? If so, you’ve experienced an abusive incident aimed at destroying your sense of reality.


PTSD and abusePTSD and Memories of Abuse – Many abuse victims suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), me included. The other day while writing the post about my ex’s abusive anger, I had to take an hour break before I could finish writing. My body reacted the same way it did when my ex ran up on me, panicky, wobbly, … fearful. It helps to know “what is happening” at times like these…


Abuse is a Scary Word No One Wants to Use – When I began my website way back in 2008, I chose the title “Verbal Abuse Journals” because, somehow, the word Verbal seemed to soften up the word Abuse. Back then, to me, “Verbal Abuse” was the name of a band or the type of angering insult one might hear from a stranger on the street. Verbal abuse was almost a joke, a simple case of mama-not-teaching-you-how-to-talk-nice, as far as I was concerned…


help kids unlearn abuseHelp Your Teens Unlearn Abuse – A question from a mom sparks some tips on undoing our kids’ learned behaviors…So far as walking away from the abuse, I understand your desire to stay put. Like you say, walking away from dinner, an otherwise entertaining TV show, or any other family moment is not always possible OR desirable.


Using Your Emotion To Find Your Best Solutions Empowers You – I feel ornery today. Woe to anyone who crosses me. You’ve been warned! During my marriage, I would have put on my boxing gloves on a day like today. I would check my s%*t-list, which always consisted of only my husband’s crap, and remind myself of what he got away with that deserved retaliation…


Domestic Violence Awareness Month – In 1987, our nation observed the first Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I was 16 years old and never saw a poster saying “Fight the Violence” or “Silence Hides Violence”. I wouldn’t have known what those slogans meant or referred to anyway. When I was young, domestic violence wasn’t an issue for me or for my school or the shops at the mall because we didn’t know what it was. Thank goodness it was an issue for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).


Restoring Balance After Leaving Abuse – I am struggling in my relationship with Max. He requests more attention from me, and I know his request is rational. Truth is that I find it difficult to connect with him in an intimate way on a regular basis. It seems that “everything else” gets my attention and focus, while I place Max’s needs on the back burner.

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