Help With Domestic Abuse

Do you need help with domestic abuse or symptoms resulting from domestic abuse? Would you like help in dealing with your friend or family member who is involved with an abuser?

  • Would you like a second opinion about your relationship?
  • Do you know someone who lives with abuse but don’t know what to do about it?
  • Do you have emotional problems related to domestic abuse?
  • Did you leave your abuser but find it difficult to heal from the abuse on your own?
  • Are you facing a crisis and need help resisting the urge to return to your abuser?
  • Would you just like to vent?

get-helpWe’ve consulted with hundreds of women and men who consider themselves survivors or victims of domestic abuse, and we  would love to hear from you, too. When you send the form below, Kellie Jo Holly, founder of Verbal Abuse Journals, will assign you to a mentor who also experienced abuse and now wants to share their wisdom with you. To begin, we need a bit of information about you to properly prepare for your consultation. Please fill in the form below and you’ll hear from Kellie and one of the Survivor Mentors soon.

Any information you share through this form and any following emails is confidential. Mentors do not share what you tell us with anyone else, ever. In fact, your mentor is the only one who will know what you tell them unless the mentor has a question. If that happens, he or she will connect with Kellie Jo, but that’s as far as your private information travels. We promise.

So please fill out the form below and let’s get started!

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Help with domestic abuse takes many forms. Our goal for each of you who reaches out to Verbal Abuse Journals is to help you find the courage to reach out to real people in your community who can help you better than we can from afar.

I felt very intimidated when I learned that “true help” required face-to-face consultations! I had to tell my truth to a “real” person…the thought of it scared me. I went through a period of feeling so embarrassed about my husband’s behavior (and my reactive behavior) that I didn’t want to tell my closest friends or family the whole truth. Telling a stranger online helped me build up my support network and to eventually tell my truth to the ones who love me the most and to strangers who could help me.

Practicing telling the truth online, semi-anonymously, helped me develop the courage to reach out to domestic violence groups, counselors, and the police. It helped me to get real with my family and friends, too. I felt the grip of abuse loosen and felt myself come back to life.

We mentors at Verbal Abuse Journals would love to be among your first steps away from abuse. Please contact me through the form above, and I will match your case with a great mentor. Help with domestic abuse is only a click away.

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  1. I have hope for the first time in years, after reading all I could about verbal abuse. Thank you.