How To Help Abuse Victims Online – Be An Email Mentor

Do you wonder how to help abuse victims online? You could be an email mentor. Help abuse victims online and coach them to reach their goals. Come see!Have you been looking for a way to help abuse victims online? Verbal Abuse Journal’s mentoring program is for you. Abuse victims and survivors apply for a mentor, we assign survivors to you, and then you coach them as they reach their goals – all through email. Mentor one person or several – it is up to you.

Mentoring abuse survivors is not the same as counseling. There is no certification or education needed to mentor an abuse survivor. Our prerequisites to mentor a survivor require that

  • you are a citizen of the United States or Canada, and
  • you are a survivor of domestic violence or abuse and
  • you left your abusive relationship and
  • you are as sure as possible that you are not currently experiencing an abusive relationship, and
  • you are not currently experiencing substance abuse issues, and
  • you have excellent written and oral communication skills or are at the very least confident that you can improve them quickly.

Click here to apply to be a mentorA mentor primarily leads by example; therefore, to be a great mentor, you must be willing to share your successes and mistakes with other survivors of domestic violence and abuse. (If you are not an open person, then mentoring may not be for you. Contact us by email to see if there are other volunteer positions available at Verbal Abuse Journals or our non-profit, The Emergency Fund for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Abuse, Inc.)

Accepted mentors have access to message boards and training. You will be subject to a criminal background check and the fee for the background check is $15.00. If we accept you as a mentor, we will give further information and instruction about the position. This application is non-binding. If those terms sound agreeable to you, please apply to be a mentor.

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