Can You Be Financially Abused If You Have Access to Money?

You can be financially abused even if you earn your own money or have access to family funds. Financial abuse is more than you may think.

Was I Abused When He Grabbed My Face?

Domestic abuse victims ask, ‘Was I abused?’ because they truly don’t know, even if the answer is obvious to outsiders. Find out how fear alters an abuse victim’s perspective, and makes ‘Was I abused?’ confusing to answer.

Brainwashing and Intelligence: So Natural a Caveman Can Do It

The effects of any type of abuse on your thinking is summed up in one word: BRAINWASHING. Don’t for one second believe that your abuser wasn’t smart enough to brainwash you. The ability to brainwash someone has nothing to do with smarts.

Hindsight Can’t Help Me But Could Help You Understand Abuse

Hindsight shows me my mistakes in thinking. It shows me how my love for him blinded me. Maybe if you can see my hindsight before it happens to you, you’ll get OUT. I now understand that no choice he presented to me would end the abuse. I left the Army-abuse continued. Got pregnant-abuse continued. Doing as told=abuse.

Emotional Drama Is Not Love But Abuser’s Smoke & Mirrors

Your body’s initial drama-love hormones settle down eventually. However, the memory of that intoxicating love can cause you to stick by your partner’s side, to wait it out. You’re sure the abuse is a fluke (if you notice it as abuse). Meanwhile, the abuser’s nasty comments and behaviors kick in full force. You’re partly in disbelief but mostly angry and hurt. You fight back fire with fire. But eventually, the war against abuse takes it toll on you.

Triggered And Angry – Healing from Domestic Abuse

Anyone experiencing repeated traumas as with domestic abuse can be triggered unexpectedly. Even so, identifying triggers leads us to better mental health because once we identify the triggers, we can stop them from hurting us.

Women Hit More Than Men But Men Do More Damage

We’ve taught our young men about domestic violence, but got the message to our girls that only guys can be held accountable for it. It’s time we taught our daughters to keep their hands and feet to themselves, too.

Verbal Abuse Is The Driving Force in Abusive Relationships

Domestic abuse involves more than sexual and physical violence. It includes mental and emotional abuse at least and, whether obscure or obvious, verbal abuse in relationships is the core method of control for abusers. Verbal abuse is more than name calling, more than yelling. Verbal abuse is insidious and tricky, but very real. What is Verbal Abuse? Fortunately, […]

The Haunted House – Explain Verbal Abuse

If you’ve tried to explain verbal abuse to anyone, you may have found yourself at a loss for words. You may doubt your ability to paint an exact picture, or maybe when the words come out, your friend gets a blank look on her face. You think she wants to say, “What’s so bad about that?”

Abuse in Relationships Blog

Most Recent Verbal Abuse In Relationships Blog Posts hired me as their Verbal Abuse in Relationships blogger in January of 2011. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time with them. I hope you find value in the posts on the blog. The Abusive Relationship and Its Fairy-Tale Beginning – The abusive relationship begins like many […]