Was I Abused When He Grabbed My Face?

Domestic abuse victims ask, ‘Was I abused?’ because they truly don’t know, even if the answer is obvious to outsiders. Find out how fear alters an abuse victim’s perspective, and makes ‘Was I abused?’ confusing to answer.

Does Witnessing Domestic Abuse Affect Children?

Our family is and was dysfunctional as they grew up. The effects of Will’s and my behaviors affected them greatly but in very different ways. However, they are not children anymore and I want to give them more privacy than I did when they were “my babies” and minors growing up in abuse.

Why Does Gender Bias Exist When Talking About Domestic Abuse?

Gender bias in articles about domestic violence and abuse is common. What has to happen to get rid of gender bias in domestic violence and abuse conversations? See this.

Why do Abusers Abuse? What Makes Someone Abusive?

Abusers are cunning and smart, masters at planning, persuasion, and execution. Their intelligence minus the ability to feel makes them dangerous.

Are Abusers Typically Men?

Men can abuse their male partners; women can abuse their female partners. Women who abuse men are just as horrid as the reversed situation. I want to make it clear that the information presented on Verbal Abuse Journals seeks to educate victims and prevent abuse of either gender and any sexual orientation.

Are Abusers Mentally Ill? If So, What Do I Do About It?

Are abusers mentally ill? Short answer: no. It is unlikely that abusers are mentally ill. Mental illness of any kind affects about 18% of the U.S. population in general and about 18% of abusive people too.1 Most abusers are perfectly sane, with no personality disorder 2 or mental illness of any kind. Most people with mental […]