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Website Launch Press Release

Website Launch Press Release

A wife and mother of two struggles to break free from the clutches of verbal, emotional and mental abuse after discovering her 17 years of marriage problems were actually domestic abuse issues. Her website reveals the devastation of her experience and...
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  1. just spent a few moments looking around the new site… I think it’s new….I first discovered Kellie Jo’s journals 2 years ago.
    I like what you are doing here.
    I hope I remember to come back and list some survivor songs. I never thought about getting them from you tube…. that’s great.
    Good luck, God bless you. And me. If the conversation with hush tonight does now reveal him taking responsibility and ‘owning’ the label “abuser”, etc., I plan on filing tomorrow. He has had 2 years of working (or not) on Patricia Evan’s plan (The Verbally Abusive Man, Can He Change?)
    My abuser has only learned more skills, and how to be more covert.
    Did you know there is a new book out, The Christian Abuser. He quote Patricia, a lot. He ‘nails it’. I am so proud of him…. most preachers would dodge and weave the issue as it is in the churches. He holds the husband accountable. He believes the wife. He is a real man!
    Laura S.

    • I’ve heard that anger management classes teach abusers to be more covert, too. Not “teaches” but they receive an education about how to keep their hands to themselves, and that forces the abuse out in the subtle, insidious forms of verbal and emotional abuse. It makes sense that in your husband’s efforts to “keep you” as his puppet, he would go deeper underground with his form of abuse.

      I hope your conversation goes how I know you hope it will, but I have the sense you don’t think it will go as well as you once hoped.

      Two years. You’ve given him plenty of time.

      I will search for that book. It sounds like a good one!

      Good luck to you, but no matter what, you got this!

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