Brainwashing and Domestic Abuse

Brainwashing & domestic violence go hand in hand. MAYBE the abuser doesn't know what he or she is doing, but brainwashing the victim happens just the same.The effects of any type of abuse on your thinking is summed up in one word: BRAINWASHING.

Don’t for one second believe that your abuser wasn’t smart enough to brainwash you. The ability to brainwash someone has nothing to do with smarts.

  • Many abusers suffered abuse in their past and they learned how to do it naturally from their abuser.
  • Many other abusers simply have no soul (sociopaths or psychopaths) and learned how to control and manipulate others at a very young age through keen observation skills.
  • Still others learned how to brainwash enemies in military schools, transferred their know-how into dark relationship skills.
  • Some simply read about it on the Internet.

Any Neanderthal can learn how to brainwash another person.

Likewise, you are not some sort of idiot for succumbing to brainwashing. The term brainwashing is relatively new, but the practice is as old as the hills. Humankind has always known how to hurt and how to heal. Abusers target victims, in part, for the victim’s natural inclination toward healing humankind. Your great empathy, compassion and awareness of the pain of others is the soft-spot on your underbelly that abusers target first.

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  1. Kori Hendon says:

    I just got away from my husband after a multiple day and multiple incidents argument with excessive verbal abuse and several physical attacks including hitting me in the temple with a full pinesol bottle. Now family and friends are telling me their fears that I have been brainwashed. After reading I’m certain of it and even more scared

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