at least

i am no longer a mess
but i may be becoming a new kind of
hazy. unpredictable.
but no longer unfortunate.
no longer in ruins.
edging out of the confusion
i dare look to a horizon i didn’t notice before.
like the old horizon, there is nothing discernible there.
nothing special.
unlike the old horizon, i want to walk toward it
instead of sitting here,
i like the new horizon
even though there is a possibility
that it too is nothing special.
at least it is not terrifying.

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About Kellie Jo Holly

Kellie Jo Holly passionately advocates against domestic violence through her writing and mentoring service. She loves helping women cope with abuse while in the relationship and supporting them as they leave the relationship and begin to heal. You can also find Kellie on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. You can buy her books from Amazon.

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